Head of Education: Jean Limpitlaw

E-mail: jean.limpitlaw@ntfc.co.uk

Tel: 01604 759864 or 07541 995424

For Inclusion Projects:

In the first instance contact Jean Limpitlaw and then

Contact: Lynn Eason – Inclusion Co-ordinator

E-mail: lynn.eason@ntfc.co.uk

Tel: 01604 759864

For Traineeships:

Contact: Eoin O’Malley – Inclusion Officer

E-mail: Eoin.O’Malley@ntfc.co.uk

Tel: 01604 759864

For Football and Education:

Contact: Fran Constancio FEP Lead, Craig Naylor FEP Coach or Pete Stephenson Academy Education Lead

E-mail: franconstancio.ntfc@gmail.com craig.naylor@ntfc.co.uk or  pete.stephenson@ntfc.co.uk

Tel: 01604 581932

For Academy Education:

Contact Pete Stephenson – Academy Education Lead

E-mail: pete.stephenson@ntfc.co.uk

Tel: 01604 581932 or 07541 995483