Duke of Edinburgh Skills Night

By February 5, 2020 Duke of Edingburgh

On Tuesday evening’s we host a 2 hour skills session for our participants,  this involves the participants learning a new skill for a minimum of 3 months some of the young people have chosen activities such as chess or learning to play the guitar. Some have been practicing learning different cooking techniques as you can see from the gallery.

They also have a  volunteering section, and some of the young people are helping around the stadium on match days  setting up some of the pre match activities such as the  flag waving. The final section  is a physical section in which they will take part in a physical activity such as gym or dancing to improve their fitness. Each of these will be done for a minimum of 3 months and one taking 6 months.

The overall aim of the Duke of Edinburgh is to bring these young people out of their comfort zones and broaden their horizons we hope that by taking part in the award they will be more open to perusing new challenges that they once would have thought were beyond them.