COVD-19 Alternative Provision Programme update!

By March 13, 2020 Education News, Inclusion

Northampton Town Education Centre are currently implementing measures to continue to support the Educational progress of all of our students accessing our Alternative Provision, during any potential school closures in the coming weeks.

These measures include:

  • An audit of IT equipment that each young person has access to at home. This includes access to a laptop, computer or tablet. Access to Wi-Fi. Any young person who does not have access to a laptop or computer with be able to borrow one from the centre for the duration of any school closures.
  • Compiling individual ‘learning packs’ for each young person.
  • Familiarising young people with Google Hangouts or a similar group communication service – depending on the facilities that a young person has at home.
  • Obtaining permission from schools, parents and carers for young people to access and participate in online sessions with their key worker.
  • Sharing individual student timetables that show scheduled online session times and information for parents and carers on how to log-in and join the session.


The following procedures will be followed:

  • Each young person will be able to access up to 2 hours of Education support on days that they would normally attend sessions at the centre.
  • Each session will be delivered by at least two members of NTFC Education Centre staff to ensure that Safeguarding ‘best practice’ is in place at all times.
  • Young people will receive a personalised ‘learning pack’ ahead of any planned closures. Should school closures be announced before a young person is due to attend their regular session, their learning pack will be posted out to them.
  • For any young person struggling to access a group communication session, a group WhatsApp call will be used as an alternative. Staff will have access to work handsets for this purpose and the same guidelines will apply in terms of two members of staff and one student participating in any such session.


Next Steps

  • In order to be fully prepared for any eventuality, parent/carer consent forms will be sent out later today or at the start of next week.
  • Signed consent forms will be held securely on file in preparation for any potential closures.

When/if notice of closures is announced, IT equipment (if required), learning packs and session access information will be shared with young people and their parents or car