FEP Match Review NTFC v Leeds 22/1/2020

By January 27, 2020 Education News

Students on our Football and Education Programme will be writing match reports on their games going forwards. Here is the first of what we hope will become a regular feature:

Game Review (Leeds 22/01/20)

First Half

To start with Northampton kicked off. Our formation was a  3-5-2 which has a clear overload in the mid-block and also out wide. We kept possession for the first 10 minutes effectively and didn’t force the ball forward. If we didn’t have an option to pass forward, we turned and played backwards. Our team objectives were to try and give an option wide and high when in possession and overload the mid-block when out of possession. For the next 5-10 minutes, Leeds showed some strengths when in possession. They liked to keep the ball in the defensive third by going back to their goalkeeper a lot. However, they always sent the ball over the top of our defense when we cut out the backwards option. They also could not keep possession in the mid-block due to us having a huge overload with 5 players in there compared to their 4. We had many chances in the first half, but we could not convert the shots. With 15 minutes left of the first half, we conceded the only goal of the game. Their right winger got past 2 of our players with ease and converted their only obvious chance of the game. We kept our heads high and did not let that goal effect our game, we kept playing football and did not give up. The first half ended with us being 1-0 down but it wasn’t a negative thing because we knew it was only one goal and if we convert many of our chances we could come back into the game.

Second Half

Both Leeds and Northampton started the second half with their heads held high. Northampton knew that 1-0 down is easy to come back and just a single goal can change the whole game. Leeds knew that one goal is not enough, and their main objective was to attack more and score more. This was noticeable because as soon as they kicked off, they sent the ball forward with both of their wingers and striker running forward trying to win the ball. However, they did not win the battle with Northampton’s defense and they lost possession. They did not realise that the long ball wasn’t working against Northampton’s tall and powerful defense and they lost possession 9 times out of 10.

Northampton had many chances to get an equaliser throughout the whole of the second half, but they struggled to convert. They had many threatening attacks but Leeds either got lucky with them not conceding or Northampton just couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net. Northampton had most of the possession during the whole of the game and looked like the more dominant side. Leeds only had 2 shots and Northampton had 6-7 shots. this shows what kind of game it was.

Final score: NTFC 0 – 1 Leeds